Campaign sees unnecessary tests reduced

The Choosing Wisely Australia campaign that aims to reduce unnecessary tests, treatments and procedures has led to projects that have reduced testing in several hospitals, a conference has heard. The inaugural Choosing Wisely Australia National Meeting 2017 in Melbourne showcased the progress since the program was launched by NPS MedicineWise in … Continue reading

Higher fuel prices could cut obesity costs: study

Increasing Australia’s fuel excise could increase physical activity levels and cut more than $30 million from Australia’s annual obesity-related health bill, a new study suggests. The researchers from Deakin University reviewed 12 studies on the relationship between petrol prices and people’s use of “active transport”. They then used data modelling to … Continue reading

Stop the “war on superbugs”: new terminology urged

Experts have urged a rethink on the terminology used to describe antibiotic resistance, such as the “war on superbugs”, warning that it is undermining efforts to tackle the problem. Writing in the journal Nature, international infectious disease experts say that the interchangeable use of different terms to describe antibiotic resistance by … Continue reading

Animation targets ‘baby boomer’ alcohol use

Researchers have developed an engaging health promotion animation to target increasing alcohol use among baby boomers. The researchers, who described the project in a paper in Public Health Research & Practice, said alcohol use among adults aged 55 years and older was increasingly becoming a public health concern, even though it … Continue reading

Push for greater focus on hypertension

The Heart Foundation is urging a greater focus on hypertension, after figures showed more than four million Australian adults have high blood pressure that is either untreated or treated inadequately, putting them at risk of heart attack or stroke. The Heart Foundation analysed data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics Australian Health … Continue reading

Study puts figure on our future health spending

Australian healthcare costs are set to increase from about A$5400 per person in 2014 to around A$9000 by 2040, according to a new study that predicts future health spending in 184 countries. The researchers extracted GDP, government spending from 1980-2015, and a range of health spend data from 1995-2014 from … Continue reading

Immunisation campaign to target parents

A new three-year immunisation awareness campaign launched by the Federal Government is set to target parents and carers in areas with low vaccination rates in a bid to boost childhood vaccination. Health Minister Greg Hunt said the $5.5 million campaign was aimed at getting all Australian children fully vaccinated before they … Continue reading

On your bike: Evidence backs cycling to work

Cycling to work is associated with a substantial decrease in the risk of death, including deaths from cardiovascular disease (CVD) and cancer, a new study shows. Researchers have urged governments to do all they can to encourage active commuting, after the study also showed that walking to work was also … Continue reading

The big impact of small changes in weight

If Australians at risk of disease due to overweight or obesity each lost around 3 kilograms, the overall health impact of excess weight would be reduced by 14% in 2020, a new report finds. The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare report, Impact of overweight and obesity as a risk factor for chronic … Continue reading

New regional health training hubs announced

New regional health training hubs will be set up in 26 areas around the country after the Federal Government announced a $54.4 million initiative to boost the regional and rural health workforce. Assistant Minister for Health Dr David Gillespie said the Rural Health Multidisciplinary Training (RHMIT) program would give health … Continue reading