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Modelling tool gives insights into suicide prevention

Greater GP training could prove one of the most effective ways to prevent suicide, according to researchers who used an innovative modelling tool to predict the impact of a range of interventions, new research shows. The researchers, who outlined their work in a paper in Public Health Research & Practice, said that the … Continue reading

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Early interventions to promote babies’ wellbeing: What works?

Education and support programs for parents delivered during pregnancy and the first postpartum year can improve both parenting and babies’ wellbeing and development, a new NHMRC evidence review suggests. The Report on the Evidence: Promoting social and emotional development and wellbeing of infants in pregnancy and the first year of … Continue reading

New Reports

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Report calls for primary care reform

A new report calls for GPs to be paid to collect primary care data, and for changes to Medicare’s fee-for-service payments system, in order to cut avoidable hospital admissions and provide better care for people with chronic disease. The Grattan Institute report, Building better foundations for primary care, states that … Continue reading