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Intervention strategy helps schools move to healthier canteens

Schools given support to move to a new healthy canteen strategy through a suite of strategies such as a support officer and training for canteen staff are far more likely to successfully implement the changes than those left to do it on their own, a new randomised controlled trial in … Continue reading

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Do schemes to “prescribe” physical activity work?

Schemes that provide prescriptions for people to undertake physical activity are most effective when specific groups are targeted, and when they run for longer periods, a review finds. The researchers reviewed 37 studies conducted in 11 countries, investigating physical activity on prescription (PARS) health promotion programs which involve health professionals … Continue reading

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Report reveals impact of Sydney alcohol lock-out laws

A new report on the so-called “lockout laws” which restrict alcohol sales in the Sydney CBD and Kings Cross precincts show that assaults have fallen in the target areas, but have increased in surrounding suburbs. The NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research (BOSCAR) report covers the 61 months before … Continue reading