New reports

More children immunised, but coverage patchy

About 93% of Australian five-year-olds are now fully immunised, but immunisation rates still vary widely across the country, the latest data shows. The report Healthy Communities: Immunisation rates for children in 2015-16, released by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, shows the proportion of five-year-olds who are fully immunised rose … Continue reading

Weight loss surgery becoming more common

There has been a dramatic rise in the number of Australian patients undergoing weight loss surgery in the past decade, new figures show, with most undergoing surgery in private hospitals. A new Australian Institute of Health and Welfare report, Weight loss surgery in Australia 2014–15 shows there were 22,700 admissions to … Continue reading

Heart failure ‘more malignant’ than some cancers

Despite advances in care, men and women with a diagnosis of heart failure continue to have worse survival rates than patients with certain common cancers, a new study finds. The study included 56,658 adults in Scotland who were receiving care in a primary care setting, with a total of 147,938 … Continue reading

Report calls for primary care reform

A new report calls for GPs to be paid to collect primary care data, and for changes to Medicare’s fee-for-service payments system, in order to cut avoidable hospital admissions and provide better care for people with chronic disease. The Grattan Institute report, Building better foundations for primary care, states that … Continue reading

Primary care home impacts revealed

Primary care homes can reduce emergency department use, cut patient stays in hospital and improve staff satisfaction, a new report on a UK trial of the care model suggests. In the UK, the primary care home (PCH) model was developed by the National Association of Primary Care (NAPC) to help … Continue reading

Hospital mortality and readmissions in the spotlight

Hospital mortality rates from ischaemic stroke have fallen markedly among patients in NSW over the past three years, according to a new report that looks at variations in both hospital mortality and readmissions for up to nine different conditions. The Bureau of Health Information report assesses how hospital mortality rates up … Continue reading

Child protection services increasing

The number of children receiving child protection services continues to grow, with one in 33 Australian children receiving such services in 2015‒16, according to the latest data. The report by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare shows that more than 162,000 children received child protection services in the year. … Continue reading

Salt levels in many breads too high: report

A new report into salt levels in bread shows that some loaves contain more than one third of the daily recommended salt intake in just two slices. The George Institute for Global Health analysed the salt content of 1439 bread products in Australia from 2010‒2017. The results, released in March … Continue reading

Half of deaths occur in hospitals

Half of deaths in Australia in 2014 occurred in hospitals ‒ a lower proportion that a decade earlier, the latest data show. The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare report on Deaths in Australian hospitals 2014-15  showed that while the number of deaths in hospitals increased by 8% between 2005‒06 … Continue reading

Parents back vaccination, but safety fears are common

The vast majority of Australian parents support vaccination, but a quarter have some concerns about vaccine safety, a poll of Australian parents shows. The Australian Child Health Poll, based on a survey of 1942 parents commissioned by the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne, showed that 95% of parents kept their children’s … Continue reading