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Modelling tool gives insights into suicide prevention

Greater GP training could prove one of the most effective ways to prevent suicide, according to researchers who used an innovative modelling tool to predict the impact of a range of interventions, new research shows. The researchers, who outlined their work in a paper in Public Health Research & Practice, said that the … Continue reading

Benefits of team-based care after hospital discharge

Patients enrolled in team-based primary care are less likely to end up in the emergency department and have lower mortality rates after discharged from hospital compared to those attending traditional primary care practices, a new study finds. The researchers analysed 620,656 admissions involving 312,377 older or chronically ill patients between … Continue reading

Dengue fever often missed in Australian travellers

Researchers have urged greater awareness of the signs and symptoms of dengue fever, after finding that two in five returned Australia travellers hospitalised with the infection had warning signs linked to life-threatening complications. The researchers analysed 208 confirmed cases of dengue between 2012 and 2015 across four healthcare networks: three … Continue reading

Drought impacts on health revealed

Drought has a significant impact on health, according to new research that shows a link between severe drought and mortality risk in older adults. The US researchers said that while Australian research had found links between drought and mental health, there had been little research into its other health impacts. Their study looked … Continue reading

PTSD a “systemic disease”, study in veterans finds

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) has been linked to a number of physical comorbidities and should be seen as a systemic disorder rather than a purely psychological disorder, Australian-first study suggests. The study, which involved 298 male Australian Vietnam War veterans, highlights the need for a more comprehensive approach to the healthcare of … Continue reading

HPV vaccination helps to close the gap

The human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination program has led to a dramatic decline in diagnoses of genital warts in young Indigenous men and women attending sexual health clinics, new Australian research shows. Researchers analysed data from patients attending 39 sexual health clinics for the first time to compare the rates of genital warts … Continue reading

Big differences in specialist fees revealed

There are wide variations in the out-of-pocket fees paid by patients to see medical specialists outside hospital, depending on location and speciality, new Australian research shows. Researchers analysed Medicare claims data from 2015 for an initial outpatient appointment with a consultant physician in 11 different specialities. They found that most … Continue reading

Diabetes diagnosis linked to social isolation

A diagnosis of type 2 diabetes leads to poorer quality of life and an increased risk of social isolation, which could have serious implications for how the disease is managed, an Australian study shows. Researchers from the University of Wollongong investigated the impact of type 2 diabetes on mental health, … Continue reading

Intervention strategy helps schools move to healthier canteens

Schools given support to move to a new healthy canteen strategy through a suite of strategies such as a support officer and training for canteen staff are far more likely to successfully implement the changes than those left to do it on their own, a new randomised controlled trial in … Continue reading

National snapshot reveals children with diabetes are missing targets

Almost three-quarters of Australian children with type 1 diabetes are not meeting recognised targets for glycaemic control, a new study has revealed, with researchers urging new strategies to prevent acute and chronic complications from the disease. The researchers analysed data on 3279 children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes, using … Continue reading